One of our unique and signature programs is yoga & mindfulness meditation. We have been instrumental in providing training and support for local yoga teachers in trauma informed, addiction recovery, adaptive and geriatric yoga.

Mental health matters to us at Hardesty Family Foundation because we believe in a holistic and balanced solution to complex multidimensional lives. We participate through funding and involvement with other likeminded groups and agencies who look to solve behaviors such as mental disorders and addictions that disconnect ourselves and our loved ones from productive meaningful lives. We try to accomplish this through peer support, court system changes, therapy, yoga, work development, housing and identifying cutting edge programs with success in other communities. Until the underlying problems of mental health and addiction are addressed other cooccurring problems like domestic violence, prison overcrowding and homelessness cannot be solved.


Since 2016 we have provided over $237,000 in funds for yoga, giving out 58 grants to Tulsa area agencies.


If an agency already has an existing yoga program and is at the point to expand or has specific needs for additional props or training then the agency can contact HFF to discuss in more detail.


 For teachers to be eligible for training the teacher must work or volunteer at one of our partnering agencies. Grants will be given directly to the agency to select individuals for specific training.

Lisa Bracken “Sanctuary is defined as “a place of safety and refuge”. If our bodies are a temple, as we’re taught in yoga, I can assure you there was a time when mine qualified for Section 8 housing. As a woman in recovery, it’s been quite a journey learning to find sanctuary in my body and mind. Yay yoga. 
The past two days of Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training with Rolf Gates has been a reminder of my responsibility to work compassionately and skillfully with others in discovering freedom and refuge in their own temples.”

A trauma-informed yoga video series was created for the public through a partnership with Parkside Psychiatric Hospital & Clinic, local yoga teachers, videographer, Ed Taylor and HFF.


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