The Hardesty Family Foundation, Inc. is a private family foundation, created in 2005 to last in perpetuity to promote and serve Oklahoma 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations. Our vision is to improve the basic human needs and to make a difference in the lives of the good citizens of our state. Furthering our philanthropic vision is accomplished through work in the arts, workforce development, civic projects, mental health, addiction recovery, wellness & court reforms.

HFF provides general operating, programmatic, capital and program related investments (PRI’s). By policy the foundation is mainly limited geographically, and its focus is in the Tulsa area. We do not financially support fundraising events.

Applicants are by invitation only. You will be notified by email if you are selected for a grant cycle. Grants may not be used for lobbying or political endeavors.

Next scheduled Board Meeting: July 11, 2023


As a general rule, the Hardesty Family Foundation meets two to three time a year. You will be notified of the deadline and meeting date at the time you are invited to apply.

Frequency of Submissions

An applicant will be permitted to make a submission once during a 12-month period. If funds are granted or declined, an applicant may not apply again within 12 months from the last payment of funds.

Guideline Changes and Exceptions

Guidelines are subject to change and exceptions to the guidelines may be allowed at the discretion of the Directors. We will notify applicants of significant changes via this website so check back frequently for the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when we need to submit a requirement form (progress report, final report or tax acknowledgement form) and the person who initially filled out the application has left?

We can transfer the old account with all of your prior submissions and reports to the new person. Please email us with the old email address along with the new email address for the new contact now responsible for grant writing and submission of requirement reports.

What is the preferred method for submission of Tax Acknowledgement letters?

Tax Acknowledgement letters are to be submitted online. Please return to your sign in, here, click on the requirement tab within your account and remit the Tax Acknowledgement form to us. It takes about 5 minutes to complete this form. Within this online form you may also attach thank you notes and photos of the event or project.

How will I know when my online progress or final report is due?

The Foundation expects the grantee to maintain ongoing communication so it can monitor the use and effect of its awards. We have added progress and final report forms to the application page to aid you in those efforts. Please return to your sign in, here, click on the requirement tab within your account and remit the appropriate online requirement form to us. Look under the requirement tab for the required report(s) and due date. These will be posted soon after you receive a grant. Please always check for an outstanding report before you submit a new application as an outstanding report will delay the new application process.

If our project is not in the Tulsa area, does that mean automatic exclusion?

Grants that are given outside the Tulsa area are Director driven grants and are extremely rare.

Can proposals be submitted by hand or mail?

Hardesty Family Foundation, Inc. accepts only applications submitted via the online grant application process.

How is a Program Related Investment (PRI) different from a grant?

A grant represents an outright transfer of funds. The foundation does not expect to have grant funds returned unless the grantee violates the terms of the grant agreement. A PRI is an investment, typically a loan with a below market interest rate.

We have a lot of projects and I really don’t know which one the foundation might be interested in. Will you help?

A single organization ultimately may only apply under one focus area. You may email us with your prospective proposals prior to submission for help with selection. As a reminder, interest in your project does not guarantee funding.

We are in the process of filing for our 501(c)3 status. Will you consider our proposal since we are “in process”?

The IRS does not allow us to give to organizations that do not have their 501(c)3 status. Generally, the Foundation is not interested in start-up organizations but wants to support organizations who have already demonstrated significant community support.

When will I hear back about funding decisions?

Applicants will be notified of grant making decisions within 10 days following the Board of Directors meeting. Approved applicants will receive written correspondence outlining the amount of the grant, the purpose for which the funds are to be used, the terms of the funding and requirements or conditions under which the grant is made.

We have sent you several pieces of mail through our direct mail campaign and we have yet to receive a response.

Direct mail requests are not accepted by the foundations. The impersonal nature of the request does not require a personal response.

What supporting documentation will I have to submit with the grant request?
  1. Your latest audit including the management letter outlining any deficiencies and the steps you have taken to correct them.
  2. Your most recent IRS determination letter.
  3. Actuals vs. Budget for the current year and prior year.
  4. For a capital campaign, include a detailed Capital Campaign budget.
  5. List of the top ten contributors and the date the funding was received for the organization in the last year.
  6. If you are applying for a Program Grant also add the top ten funders for that program.
  7. Latest 990 tax return including schedules A and O. If you filed a 990-N postcard instead, please upload the notice form of its acceptance.
  8. List of the Executive Staff and Board of Directors.
Can we schedule a site visit?

The Hardesty Family Foundation staff may request a site visit or a meeting with an applicant. A site visit or meeting indicates interest in a project but should not be construed as signifying potential approval of a project.

What is an owner agent?

An owner agent is a person who acts on your behalf, working with the construction firm, architect and others to ensure the agency’s goals are achieved within the prescribed budget. If brought into the process early, they can help negotiate the construction contract. Owner agents are valuable allies in dealing with design or construction issues and approving any change orders potentially saving thousands of dollars to your agency.